Where is the Camner Center for Academic Resources located?

The Camner Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Whitten University Center, Suite 2400.

How can I get a tutor?

Students may schedule tutoring appointment online via Navigate each semester.

Are tutors always available?

Tutoring appointments are available on a first come basis. Tutor availability, times, days, and subject areas change every semester. Students should schedule appointments early in the semester and prior to the day of an exam. Tutors may not be available for some upper-level courses. The Camner Center staff will work with the student to suggest alternative options. The Assistant Director of Tutoring is constantly recruiting tutors based on incoming requests. The Camner Center and University of Miami does not guarantee that tutors will be available for every subject or specific times.

Please note: Tutoring is not offered during the summer term. 

What if there are no matching times for the subject I requested?

Students are encouraged to provide as much availability as possible when requesting tutoring. Students may check with the front desk for weekly openings and cancellations. Camner Center staff will continue to attempt to book an appointment time while a request remains pending.

Is there private tutoring available?

Tutoring at the Camner Center is conducted one on one with the student. Tutoring outside the Camner Center is not endorsed by the center's administrators or tutors. Students are encouraged to check with their departments or School/Colleges for other tutoring options. Information for non-UM students can be requested at the Office of Continuing studies (305) 284-6107, SAT Prep (305) 386-5511, or the School of Education (305) 284-3711.

How can I become a tutor?

A student is eligible to be a tutor if he/she has completed one semester at UM with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Students may apply to become a tutor by completing a Tutor Application packet online. Only complete application packets will be reviewed and considered by the Assistant Director of Tutoring.

What do I do if my tutor no-showed?

Tutors must notify students with 24 hours notice if they will not attend their appointment. Students have the option of rescheduling with their same tutor for another time during the week, scheduling an appointment with another tutor, or they can wait for their next weekly appointment with their tutor.

How do I handle an issue with my tutor?

The student should speak with the tutoring coordinator after the appointment and inform them of the specific concern. The tutoring coordinator will assist the student in rescheduling tutoring appointments with another tutor. Students may also cancel all future appointments at the front desk and then request to be rescheduled with another tutor.

Does the Camner Center offer support with study skills?

Students may request an appointment with a learning specialist online via:Request An Appointment and indicate study skills assistance needed. A learning specialist will contact the student with availability and to schedule an appointment.

Does the Camner Center help with writing papers?

The Writing Center typically assists students with the writing process.