Sponsorship Request Form

The Camner Center for Academic Resources provides sponsorship funds to University of Miami registered student organizations that coordinate programming opportunities that support learning and academic success for University of Miami students. Sponsorship funds are limited and are distributed at the discretion of the Camner Center staff.

Organizations submitting sponsorship requests will be notified in writing. Funds will NOT be released to student organization's SAFAC account until publicity has been submitted to the ARC staff. The ARC logo must be included on all publicity for approved programs.

Programs must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • Program must contain a component related to learning and academic success.
  • Collaboration with the Camner Academic Resource Center in the planning and execution of program.
  • Communicate any changes in needs, logistics, or preferences for the workshop/presentation with the Camner Center.
  • Sponsorship Request Form must be submitted 2 weeks PRIOR to program.