The Peer Tutoring Program at the Camner Center for Academic Resources offers eligible students at the University of Miami no-cost support achieving their academic goals. The Peer Tutoring Program currently has over 100 peer tutors knowledgeable in various subjects, both undergraduate and graduate, working to help fellow students with reaching their academic goals.

Tutors are available in a variety of subjects. Students can review specific course material, master basic concepts, or improve on skills under the guidance of a peer tutor. Tutoring is accessible on a one-on-one basis or group setting.

Online Environment Support

Camner Center tutoring appointments will be completely online for the Fall 2020 semester. Some students will be able to book virtual one-on-one and group tutoring sessions through our normal booking website. Before the appointment begins, students will receive a Zoom Meeting invitation link to enter the session remotely. If you have specific questions, you can reach our office at

Please Note: If you are unable to find availability for your subject, please submit a request through Navigate and we will try our best to accommodate that course and will contact you if successful.

Scheduling an Appointment

All Camner Center tutoring appointments are free of charge for registered undergraduate UM students.

1. Log in to EAB Navigate
2. Select "Make Appointment"
3. Choose the specific course, tutor, date, and time you prefer the tutoring session to take place.
4. Attach screenshots or documents of the specific course material you want to discuss with your tutor so that the tutor has more time to prepare for your tutoring session.
5. Check your email for a confirmation of your appointment shortly after booking.

Please Note:
If you are unable to find availability for your subject, please submit a request through Navigate and we will try our best to accommodate that course and will contact you if successful. In addition to this, the Physics, Finance, Math, and English departments are also offering online tutoring with daily availability that you can join.

1. Log in to EAB Navigate
2. Select the appointment from your calendar
3. Select the Zoom link to join the session
4. Remain in the waiting room until the tutor allows you into the session

We encourage you to join the Zoom session five minutes before the appointment start time to check for any technical issues with audio or video. Additionally, please try to remove any distractions from your surroundings and honor the University of Miami's online learning etiquette policies.

All appointments must be canceled through Navigate and cannot be canceled through email or by phone.

Please login to Navigate below to cancel your appointment. Failure to properly cancel your appointment will result in the tutor marking you as a No-Show and blocking you from the appointment system completely.

  • Students must be currently enrolled at the University of Miami.
  • Same day appointments are not available.
  • Students MUST arrive to sessions on time. Tutors will only wait 20 minutes from the start of your appointment time.
  • Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled session or it will count as a No-Show. Students may contact the Tutoring Coordinator with extraneous circumstances.
  • A No-Show will result in immediate cancellation of all future appointments for that subject. 

No Show Policy

Students will be considered a No-Show if:
  • The student fails to be present at the time and day of the appointment.
  • The student fails to be present within the first 20 minutes of the appointment.
  • The student fails to cancel a scheduled appointment 24 hours prior to the date and time of the appointment.

All remaining appointments for that specific course will automatically be cancelled . Students will NOT be allowed to schedule additional appointments until reinstatement has been approved.

Reinstatement Policy

  • Students requesting reinstatement must EMAIL The email must include your full name, C-number, cell phone, email address, course and section, and a full explanation of the reason for the No-Show.
  • The Assistant Director of the Peer Tutoring Program reserves the right to restrict the use of tutoring services if a student continually misuses or disregards program policy.

Additional Information

Be a Tutor

Camner Center Tutors are highly-trained and provide content area instruction to enable students to succeed at their college course work.

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More Academic Resources

Tutoring may not be the right choice to reach your academic goals. Luckily, there are a variety of other campus resources available to get you the assistance you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are tutors always available?

    Tutoring appointments are available on a first come basis. Tutor availability, times, days, and subject areas change every semester. Students should schedule appointments early in the semester and prior to the day of an exam. Tutors may not be available for some upper-level courses. The Camner Center staff will work with the student to suggest alternative options. The Assistant Director of Tutoring is constantly recruiting tutors based on incoming requests. The Camner Center and University of Miami does not guarantee that tutors will be available for every subject or specific times.

    Please note: Tutoring is not offered during the summer term.

  • What if there are no matching times for the subject I requested?

    Students are encouraged to provide as much availability as possible when requesting tutoring. Students may check with the front desk for weekly openings and cancellations. Camner Center staff will continue to attempt to book an appointment time while a request remains pending.

  • Is there private tutoring available?

    Tutoring at the Camner Center is conducted one-on-one with the student. Tutoring outside the Camner Center is not endorsed by the center's administrators or tutors. Students are encouraged to check with their departments or School/Colleges for other tutoring options.

    Information for non-UM students can be requested at the Office of Continuing Studies (305) 284-6107, SAT Prep (305) 386-5511, or the School of Education (305) 284-3711.

  • How can I become a tutor?

    A student is eligible to be a tutor if he/she has completed one semester at UM with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Students may apply to become a tutor by completing a Tutor Application packet online. Only complete application packets will be reviewed and considered by the Assistant Director of Tutoring.

  • What do I do if my tutor no-showed?

    Tutors must notify students with 24 hours notice if they will not attend their appointment. Students have the option of rescheduling with their same tutor for another time during the week, scheduling an appointment with another tutor, or they can wait for their next weekly appointment with their tutor.

  • How do I handle an issue with my tutor?

    The student should speak with the tutoring coordinator after the appointment and inform them of the specific concern. The tutoring coordinator will assist the student in rescheduling tutoring appointments with another tutor. Students may also cancel all future appointments at the front desk and then request to be rescheduled with another tutor.

  • Does the Camner Center offer support with study skills?

    Students may request an appointment with a learning specialist and indicate study skills assistance needed. A learning specialist will contact the student with availability and to schedule an appointment.

  • Does the Camner Center help with writing papers?

    The Writing Center typically assists students with the writing process.