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Exterior of the Student services Building, where the Cmner Center is located on the second floor Exterior of the Student services Building, where the Cmner Center is located on the second floor

Our mission is to provide innovative programming and quality services to support learning and academic success.

The Camner Center for Academic Resources at the University of Miami offers a multitude of resources for every constituent of the University of Miami community: students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our goal is to provide resources to help manage success and advance potential.

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  • Our Learning Outcomes

    • Improve academic performance
    • Provide academic resources for students who want to advance their potential for success at the University of Miami
    • Facilitate student retention in college and subsequent graduation
    • Assist students in developing their self-concepts as learners
    • Improve human relations and the sense of campus community among students
    • Provide individualized help for students with the aim of developing independent and lifetime learners
    • Support the instructors' educational methods, and meet the individual learning and study needs of each student by utilizing current best-practices in higher-education instruction
    • Facilitate the creation of frameworks for evaluating overall effectiveness of an educational course, service, activity, program, or department
    • Provide evidence of student learning to be utilized for accreditation
    • Provide current resources for parents regarding the rigors of the University of Miami academics and student support

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History and Awards

Learn more about how we have adapted to the changing needs of students since our inception in the late 1980's.

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Additional Resources

If your needs are outside the scope of our office, there are additional resources on campus to help you have a succesful college experience.
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