About Us

View of Lake Osceola and dormitory towers from the University Center bridge View of Lake Osceola and dormitory towers from the University Center bridge
Welcome to the Camner Center For Academic Resources

The Camner Center for Academic Resources at the University of Miami offers a multitude of resources for every constituent of the University of Miami community: students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our goal is to provide resources to help manage success and advance potential.


In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the University of Miami had two fundamentally different tutoring programs emerging.  The College of Arts and Science began considering the need for tutoring as departmental professors complained that students were having difficulty meeting the demands of the science courses. This program was called the Master Tutor Program and was started by Dr. Mallory. Initially, students were only allowed tutoring when referred by a professor or if failing a course. Tutoring was extended to other subject matters to equally service all majors within Arts and Sciences.  Another tutoring program was also starting in the School of Education through the Developmental Studies Department headed by Scott Baldwin.  This program, located in the Merrick building, emerged from the need to support students struggling with the Basic English requirements. Students were able to take remedial courses such as TAL 191, which is still offered today, to help acquire the fundamental skills needed to be successful in college.  The program out of the School of Education was critical for the “at risk” student and later evolved into the Reading and Study Skills Center.  These two programs began out of separate needs from two different departments.  In 1989, Developmental Studies relocated to the University Center, Room N201 in order to combine several resources.  These services were housed in one unit called the Academic Development Center.  The center included Disability Services because of new legislation and the increasing need to support students with disabilities.  

The Academic Resource Center adapted to the changing needs of the students since its inception in the late 1980’s. The core mission is still to provide academic support to students at the University.  The center serves approximately 5000 students each year through tutoring support, the Office of Disabilities, Learning Specialists, and the UMX freshman experience course.  The center is open to students with and without disabilities who need scholastic assistance to overcome challenges or achieve their academic goals.

On April 19, 2010, the Academic Resource Center was renamed in honor of the esteemed Camner family.  The Camner Center for Academic Resources is greatly appreciative of the support from the Camner Family, who are all special members of the South Florida community and University of Miami family.

In the summer of 2020, the Camner Center for Academic Resources relocated from the second floor of the Whitten University Center to the newly built Student Services Building located behind the Lowe Art Museum.