Independent Learning Initiative

students talking on the moss terrace students talking on the moss terrace

The Independent Learning Initiative is an academic support program that provides structure, instruction, and monitoring for students needing additional guidance during the college experience. During the semester, students will identify and understand their academic strengths and areas for growth, as well as learn strategies, skills, and technologies to enhance their academic and personal success in college. Students learn to monitor their academic progress and critically evaluate skills and strategies to work toward becoming an effective, independent student.

Students in the program are assigned to a learning specialist familiar with the University of Miami and implications of learning differences. The learning specialist helps students develop a routine for the semester while teaching effective strategies to help them monitor and manage their own academic progress.

We are now accepting applications for the ILI Program for FALL 2024. If you are interested in applying, please click here.

Individualized Attention

The Independent Learning Initiative is designed to foster a relationship between a learning specialist and student to assist them with the challenges of the college environment. A learning specialist assigned to a student delivers one-on-one guidance and support by helping them stay on track and resolve problems. A student meets with the learning specialist each week for one hour to work on a learning plan that is specifically tailored to the student's needs. The learning specialist helps coordinate campus resources, facilitates communication with advisors and faculty, encourages strong study routines, and provides study strategy instruction. The specialist works with faculty to obtain feedback that can be used to modify study habits or academic behaviors that are not effective. Each student receives individualized assistance to help master necessary skills and achieve the academic independence needed to be successful in college.

Students work with their learning specialist to develop academic objectives each semester. A mid-term progress report provides the opportunity to address academic concerns before final grades are assigned. Every student receives a detailed mid-term progress report including current grades and attendance. The learning specialist is available to help the student overcome daily challenges associated with independence and the college experience.

Program Services

Program services include weekly meetings with a learning specialist starting the first week of classes and continuing through final exams. At the first meeting, students create a semester schedule to develop a regular study routine. The learning specialist coordinates tutoring services, academic workshops, and technology options to enhance student progress while providing weekly follow-up of important dates and deadlines. The learning specialist assists students with course registration, determining the days of the week and class times that best fit his or her needs and learning style. Ultimately, classes are selected by the students and their academic advisors. The learning specialist can also coordinate the use of campus resources to support academic progress.

Conditions of Participation

A student must be admitted to the University of Miami through the regular admissions process to be eligible for the Independent Learning Initiative. The choice of participating in the Independent Learning Initiative is not a condition of acceptance into the University of Miami, nor does it guarantee admission. Documentation of a disability is not a requirement for enrollment in the program.


The Independent Learning Initiative goes beyond the standard academic support provided by the Camner Center for Academic Resources. The cost of participation is equivalent to 1 credit hour of tuition. Students do not receive course credit for participating in this program.

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