Notifying Professors

How is an instructor notified if a student in his/her class requires a special accommodation due to disability?

On the first day of class each semester, "Letters to Professors" are available to students registered with ODS. These letters list the accommodations required for that individual student in class. ODS recommends that students deliver the letters to their instructors so that they have the opportunity to discuss their needs in person. Students are asked to meet with their instructors within the first two week of the semester during office hours or after class. While a letter is provided for each class, students may choose not to disclose a disability in certain courses. Students cannot be required to disclose a disability, but they must contact ODS if they wish to request an accommodation. Students should also give their letters to their instructors at least two weeks before they intend to use an accommodation.

Information pertaining to a disability is confidential and may not be released without the express authorization of the individual. For this reason, instructor letters generally state the accommodations required, but not the nature of the disability. All faculty and staff who are in possession of information pertaining to a student's disability or accommodations must maintain the information in a confidential manner.

If an instructor has a question or a concern about providing an accommodation, whom may he/she contact?

Instructors are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services with any question or concern about providing an accommodation. Contact information is provided in the Letter to Professors. ODS may be reached by phone at (305) 284-2374 during regular office hours.

Must an instructor send students to the ODS office to receive testing accommodations?

No. An instructor may provide the specified testing accommodations directly. Some instructors prefer to provide both extra-time accommodations and distraction-reduced testing space in their campus offices or in a departmental conference room. It is necessary, however, to ensure that the specified extra time is allowed and that distractions are reduced.

Accessibility Information

The University of Miami is an institutional member of the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). The Office of Disability Services is also a member of the South Florida Consortium of Disability Services Providers. ODS can provide information to faculty, staff and students regarding sources on disability issues.

If a faculty or staff member has a personal disability concern, whom should he/she contact?

The Office of Equality Administration at (305) 284-3064 can answer questions for faculty and staff with personal concerns about disability.