Accommodation Policies

A professor helps students in a biology lab A professor helps students in a biology lab

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) has a small testing center located within the Camner Center. The testing center staff can proctor exams for faculty providing the policies and procedures are followed in scheduling and arranging exams. Faculty have the right to provide accommodations in the classroom or make arrangements directly with the student. The testing center is service provided to faculty and students to assist in providing accommodations. It is not required that student take their exams with our office unless directed by the faculty. Below is a list of the common accommodations the testing center provides:

Extended Time

Exams proctored at ODS will be administered on the same day and time as the exam scheduled. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis when other classes conflict with the extra time allowance or the class time is beyond the operating hours of the testing center. Arrangements for ODS to proctor an exam for a faculty member and student must be made 7 days in advance of the exam and is based on availability.

Quiet Testing Location

Smaller group testing rooms and a limited number of individual rooms are available to reduce the distractions for students. Every effort is made to reduce distractions; however, there is no guarantee than an environment is completely free from all distractions. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the ODS staff or faculty immediately if any environment presents a distraction. Testing seats are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Use of a Computer

ODS may provide secure computers for a student. Instructors may also provide this accommodation within the department. This accommodation requires advance scheduling and notification to ODS.


ODS may provide a scribe to write a student's answers or type them on a word-processor. Scribes are instructed to write only what is dictated by the student. This accommodation requires advance scheduling with ODS.

Reader for Exams

Students with this accommodation are provided access to screen reader software during exams. Readers do not provide any additional information or guidance to a student during an exam. This accommodation requires advance scheduling with ODS.


A copy of course PowerPoint slides, instructor outlines, or peers notes, are made available to students with this accommodation. Students with this accommodation are responsible for requesting class notes prior to the semester deadline and notifying ODS if notes are not received in a timely manner. Students must attend class to receive notes as this accommodation is not a substitute for attending class.

Electronic Textbooks

Most textbooks are available in electronic formats from the publisher and online vendors. However, for some students it is critical that all materials are available in a format that can be used with screen reading software. ODS staff work with these individuals to provide electronic formats for any materials that are not available through publishers or online. This accommodation can take up to 8 weeks to secure electronic format texts, so advance notice is required.