Course Substitutions/Waivers

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The University of Miami, in keeping with current interpretations of disability law, determined that certain courses are integral to the curriculum and course of study. Exempting students from these courses and content would substantially alter the curriculum. Substitutions may be requested, however, accommodations that fundamentally alter the curriculum will be denied.

The University of Miami requires all students reach a basic level of mathematic proficiency representative of the course of study. This requirement is considered fundamental to the majors. Certain majors and minors at the University of Miami do require a foreign language. The University offers several options to fulfill this requirement. Other accommodations may be determined on an individual basis.

Accommodations that fundamentally change the nature of the course or program of studies will not be allowed. Each request for accommodations is evaluated in relation to the disability and the nature of the course or program. For this reason, it is advantageous to have early communication with the Office of Disability Services.