Adaptive Equipment

Video magnifier machine Video magnifier machine

The Office of Disability Services works with students individually to determine if adaptive equipment can be used to support learning. Some examples of the types of equipment used at the University of Miami include:

Assistive Listening Devices

Students with hearing impairments who use hearing aids may benefit from the FM closed circuit radio system which improves audibility of sound. With this system, the instructor or speaker wears a small lapel microphone and transmitter which sends his/her voice by closed circuit to the listener's hearing aid. The student wears a receiver and a small earpiece which receives the transmission. Students who need this assistance should be referred to the Office of Disability Services.

CCTV Scanner

Students with visual impairments may benefit from the closed circuit TV scanner which magnifies text, pictures, diagrams, etc. The CCTV scanner is presently located on the second floor near the microfilm area of the Richter Library. Students who need this assistance may be referred to the main circulation desk to request the support of the User Support Technician at the Richter Library or contact the Office of Disability Services at

Text Reader

A Kurzweil 3000 text reading software system is also available in the Camner Testing Center. This program allows students with visual disabilities or learning disabilities to have text read aloud to them by the computer. The program has a variety of options which also allow students to highlight text, annotate text, and create study outlines.