Campus Accessibility

Hallway with windows outside of the Shalala Center ballrooms Hallway with windows outside of the Shalala Center ballrooms
Campus Accessibility

Facilities Administration, the academic units, and the Office of Disability Services share responsibility for the accessibility of the University of Miami campuses and buildings. With regard to existing structures, if it has not been reasonable or feasible to provide direct access, then programs or services housed in an existing facility are made accessible by other means. Alternative means of access include, re-locating a class, arranging meetings in an alternative and accessible location, using adapted equipment or electronic means of access, etc. New construction facilities are designed and constructed in such a manner that it complies with the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). The Office of Disability Services is available to provide input regarding ADA and patterns of student use of buildings to any University of Miami department.

The University of Miami strives to maintain accessibility to all of its programs and services. The University has identified two individuals as 504 coordinators to oversee and assist in matters of accessibility. These individuals are Mykel Mangrum Billups, Ph.D, and Jessica Pacheco Esq. Any problems or questions related to physical access on campus should immediately be reported to the Office of Disability Services at (305) 284-2374.

Students with accessibility needs are encouraged to register with the office, so staff can be proactive in resolving any accessibility issues before classes are at capacity.  ODS staff review classroom assignments for registered students with mobility impairments to confirm the locations meet the needs of the student. The Office of Classroom Management and departments are notified when a student requires specialized equipment or access that is not provided in the assigned classroom.  Students are responsible for finalizing schedules early to allow sufficient time for classroom changes. Any difficulty with access to classes or instructional space must be reported upon registration.  Changes in classrooms or event locations may not be feasible in the weeks prior to the start of classes.    

Visitors or participants in campus events are encouraged to request accommodations upon registration or as early as possible.  The hosting department is notified of the participants' request and every effort is made to provide reasonable accommodations for guests and participants.