Request Accommodations

Deadlines to Request Accommodations

Accommodations requests for housing, emotional support animals, and parking must be submitted prior to the deadline to provide adequate time to coordinate. Late requests will be held and processed for the next term.

Fall Semester: June 1* 
Spring Semester:
December 1
Summer Semesters:
Six weeks prior to the first day of class

Requesting Accommodations

1. Review documentation requirements

All documentation must be submitted with your request form. Documents must be current, complete, and follow the criteria outlined on our website.

Review and processing times will be delayed for requests submitted with incomplete documentation and/or without uploading complete and comprehensive information.

2. Gather your email and 'Cane ID

Be sure you have your University email address and 'Cane ID number (C#######).

3. Complete the request form

Collect all necessary documentation and complete the Accommodations Request Form. Once our team has reviewed your submission, you will receive an email to your University account regarding the next steps. Please continually check your UM email as we conduct our reviews.

Supplemental Requests

The supplemental request process allows students the opportunity to provide new and different information for consideration when there is a significant change in their medical or psychological conditions. Students are not able to use this process to resubmit the same information for consideration of previously denied accommodations.

Adhering to the deadlines, students must submit the request in writing and provide a detailed explanation for the request.

Supplemental requests are reviewed in the order received and may not be considered until the following semester if a student has previously been through the review process for a given semester or is submitting after the deadline. 

To submit a supplemental request:

1. Email to request a supplemental review.

2. Upload new documentation into Accommodate.

3. Upload a written statement including:

  • What additional accommodations are you requesting?
  • Describe the changes in your condition for requesting additional accommodations.

Contact our office at if you have any questions.