Tutoring Policies & Procedures

Student taking notes on a handout in class Student taking notes on a handout in class
Appointment Policy
  • Students must be currently enrolled at the University of Miami.
  • Same day appointments are not available.
  • Students MUST arrive to sessions on time. Tutors will only wait 20 minutes from the start of your appointment time.
  • Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled session or it will count as a No-Show. Students may contact the Tutoring Coordinator with extraneous circumstances.
  • A No-Show will result in immediate cancellation of all future appointments for that subject. 
Reinstatement Policy
  • Students requesting reinstatement must EMAIL tutoring.arc@miami.edu . The email must include your full name, C number, cell phone, email address, course and section, and a full explanation of the reason for the No- Show.
  • The Assistant Director of the Peer Tutoring Program reserves the right to restrict the use of tutoring services if a student continually misuses or disregards program policy.
No Show Policy
Students will be considered a No-Show if:
  • The student fails to be present at the time and day of the appointment.
  • The student fails to be present within the first 20 minutes of the appointment.
  • The student fails to cancel a scheduled appointment 24 hours prior to the date and time of the appointment.

All remaining appointments for that specific course will automatically be cancelled . Students will NOT be allowed to schedule additional appointments until reinstatement has been approved.